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Who are we..?

We have been open since 2009 Company Owned by X-Military Personnel and have many members who enjoy the Vast various Game Areas we provide making your game experience different everytime you attend to play, from Mil-Sim Games to the all out fast shoot and scoot, from the experienced player to the new player expanding your game experience for Airsoft 

We are based at Quarry House Woods, Elemore Lane Pittington Durham DH6 1QQ (15 acres). Various themes in the wooded area from Little Mexico CQB Town - The Church - Train Station - The Wall - The Village - The Killing Field - The Fort and many more...

Site Rules.

These are the Ntacentre rules all players must abide by in order to play safely and enjoy the excitement of close quarter airsoft battles.

The rules cover all aspects of your time on our site

  1. The use of pyro

  2. Eye protection

  3. Age limits 

  4. RIF fps

  5. Game area

  6. Shooting rules 

  7. Player Conduct

Our Services.

We Aim to facilitate all your company / organizations and  School fun...Film Shoots & Team Building


(unless Saturday pre-booked for special Event)

Book your Day out with us

Private hires






FULLY INSURED, H&S, Fire Safety &



Private hires



We are experienced in making your Birthday, stag/Hen or School Event a complete adventure where your party gets to hire the full site for yourselves, this will give you and you party sole access to our venue  and your party always enjoys a great time playing...


Private event packages:​


A minimum of 10 with a maximum of 50 players at £35 per player and a deposit of £10 per player (non refundable) is required before the event can be booked , please state when booking your required date and package you want.


Saturday Event must be booked and paid for in advance

Hold your Event/Party on a weekend, Sundays play alongside others for an added enjoyment, no deposit, no min players (Sundays Only), just email for all details


Why not bring you family and friends to a private day at our venues where you can play a wide variety of games including the birthday balloon run, check out the youtube videos @ ntacentre.


We have ran various events from Full Battle weekenders to Scenario based day with objectives based on Actual and  historical events using realistic weapons and pyrotecnics.

NIGHT GAMES: (open to all)​

At our Site we have the ability to run night games where you can really experience the realism in fighting at night.

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